Oliver and Company UK VHS (1996)

Oliver and Company is a UK VHS release by Disney Videos on 25th December 1996. and it got re-released by Disney Videos on 17th September 1997.

Description Edit

Your whole family will move to the beat of Disney's 27th animated classic, Oliver & Company … a high-energy adventure packed with toe-tapping tunes, big city action and the hippest, wildest characters ever!

On the streets of New York City, an adorable orphaned kitten named Oliver finds friendship and adventure with a pack of pickpocket pooches - including Dodger, a cool canine with street savoir faire, a hilarious fiery Chihuahua named Tito and their human master Fagin.

But when Jenny, the lonely little rich girl who adopts Oliver, is kidnapped by Fagin's evil boss and daunting Dobermans, it's non-stop action and suspense as Oliver & Company stage a daring rescue through the city's subway system!

With all the hip-swaying fun of The Aristocats, and featuring the music of Billy Joel, Bette Midler and Huey Lewis, Oliver & Company is a rousing musical adventure you’ll reach for time after time!

Cast Edit

  • Oliver, voiced by Joey Lawrence, is the main protagonist and an orange Tabby kitten who wants a home. He joins Fagin's gang of dogs before being taken in by Jenny. He also saves her life from the black-hearted loan-shark, Sykes.
  • Dodger, voiced by Billy Joel, is a carefree, charismatic mongrel with a mix of terrier in him. He claims to have considerable "street savoir-faire." He is the leader of Fagin's gang of dogs and becomes Oliver's closest best friend amongst them. He serves as the deuteragonist.
  • Fagin, voiced by Dom DeLuise, is a petty criminal who lives on a houseboat with his dogs. He desperately needs money to repay his debt with Sykes. Because of his economic situation, he is forced to perform criminal acts such as pick-pocketing and petty theft, but in truth, he has a heart of gold.
  • Jenny Foxworth, voiced by Natalie Gregory (singing voice by Myhanh Tran), is a kind, rich girl who takes care of Oliver. She serves as the tritagonist.
  • Bill Sykes, voiced by Robert Loggia, is the primary antagonist and is a cold-hearted, immoral loan shark who lent a considerable sum of money to Fagin for unknown reasons and expects it paid back.
  • Tito, voiced by Cheech Marin, simply known as Tito, is a tiny Chihuahua in Fagin's gang. He has a fiery temper for his size and rapidly develops a crush on Georgette (although she is initially repulsed by him).
  • Georgette, voiced by Bette Midler, is the Foxworth family's spoiled prize-winning poodle, who is jealous of Oliver getting attention. When Tito displays his attraction to her, she initially responds with revulsion. At the end, however, she displays considerable attraction to Tito - so much, in fact, that she sends him running for his life when she tries to bathe, dress, and groom him.
  • Einstein, voiced by Richard Mulligan, is a gray Great Dane in Fagin's gang, representing the stereotype that Great Danes are friendly, but dumb. He is the strongest member of the gang.
  • Francis, voiced by Roscoe Lee Browne, is an English bulldog with a British accent in Fagin's gang. He appreciates art and theater and detests anyone abbreviating his name as "Frank" or "Frankie."
  • Rita, voiced by Sheryl Lee Ralph (singing voice by Ruth Pointer), is a Saluki and the only female dog in Fagin's gang.
  • Roscoe and DeSoto, voiced by Taurean Blacque and Carl Weintraub respectively, are the secondary antagonists. They are Sykes' vicious Doberman dogs and seem to have a long rivalry with Dodger and his friends.
  • Winston, voiced by William Glover, is the Foxworth family's bumbling but loyal butler.
  • Louie, voiced by Frank Welker, is a bad-tempered hot dog vendor, who appears early in the film where Oliver and Dodger steal his hot dogs. He is meant to be one of the "enemies of the four-legged world", meaning that he hates both cats and dogs.
  • Pongo (cameo)
  • Jock (cameo)
  • Trusty (cameo)
  • Peg (cameo)

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Opening Edit

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  3. Sleeping Beauty (Awakening Soon on Video)
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  7. The Fox and the Hound (Coming Soon to Video)
  8. The Lion King (Coming Soon to Video)
  9. Aladdin and the King of Thieves (Coming Soon Only on Video)
  10. The Jungle Book
  11. Bambi (Coming to Video This Spring)
  12. Pinocchio (Coming to Video)
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  17. The Santa Clause (Now Available to Own on Video)

Closing Edit

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  2. Disney Videos (1995) - Aladdin's Arabian Adventures, Winnie the Pooh Videos, Disney's Sing-Along Songs with Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Early Adventures, and Disney's Storybook Favourites
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1997 Re-release Edit

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